Want free organic traffic straight to your website? Then SEO is the way to go. NebDesign work with you to make sure your website is as search-engine friendly as possible. We work with small, medium and large b2b, e-commerce and b2c websites sites to help increase visibility, improve results and generate more business.

Results Based Marketing

Are you looking for professional SEO services that will actually give you a return on investment?

Our SEO team have worked on hundreds of campaigns and achieved brilliant results for our clients. Following the methodology of research-implement-test, we ensure that every action is backed by valuable data and monitored to analyse progress.

We work in tandem with your business, ensuring we are always promoting you in a way that aligns with your company offerings and values.

What Do We Do Differently?

Unlike most agencies, we don’t offer a level of packages. We don’t promise a certain number of links per month either. Quality always trumps quantity in our opinion, so that’s exactly what we provide.

We understand that SEO is more than just a numbers game. We listen to your businesses needs and goals, then ensure our strategy aligns with this instead of steaming ahead with a predefined target.

We focus on ROI, because at the end of the day – that’s what we’re here for – to give you a solid return on investment.

Instead, we prefer to work in phases, no matter the size of the client, to ensure that the 4 key pillars of SEO are covered in every campaign we do.


We are able to dig deep into your website to identify all outstanding technical issues and provide guidance on how to fix them.


Each web page will be optimised individually based on in-depth keyword and competitor research we conduct in Phase 1.


We work with your business to help transform your business into a point of authority via high quality content and link-building.


What does your website offer search to engines? We help convert your site into a valuable resource for your potential new customers.


Technical SEO ensures that your website is perfectly optimised for when they are crawled by search engines such as Google. We see technical SEO as the foundation of any successful SEO campaign .


Our Cotswolds Technical SEO team will analyse your website to identify faults and roadblocks that are preventing you from reaching your ranking goal. Each SEO performance audit is hand-written and accompanied by a detailed spreadsheet outlining how every issue can be fixed. The audit covers crawling, XML sitemaps, on-page issues, canonicalisation, content cannibalisation and much more. Once complete, we are able to work with your website development team to get the fixes implemented without a hitch.


Botched website migrations can bring a business to its knees, seriously. We can manage your SEO website migration from start to finish, ensuring no URL’s are missed, no 404’s appear and you can continue business as usual once it’s over.


Want to track every click, scroll and purchase on your website? Want to see exactly how your customers reach your product page? We’ve got you covered. We can also take this data and use it to spot trends, funnel blocks and issues that may have been previously overlooked.


Content is king, content is key – you hear it all the time. Without great content, you aren’t providing any value to search engines, so why would they rank you? Our content services are the perfect next step to your campaign once your website is technically sound.


A great SEO campaign requires a great strategy. NebDesign work with you to help find your niche and enhance your expertise. Many of the clients we work with are experts in their field, but struggled to shout about it. Part of our job is to get their voices heard.

We’ll help you establish a strategy that underlines and leverages your core business offerings. Then develop a 12 month plan to follow in order to achieve marketing greatness.


Without accurate keyword research, SEO doesn’t work. We conduct keyword research to ensure you are competing for high volume, niche keywords that are guaranteed to bring more traffic to your website.

Keyword research also allows us to uncover niche keywords that your competitors may have overlooked, giving you an early advantage to grab the top position.


A bespoke content audit involves digging through your site’s key pages and posts to identify pages that can be upgraded, removed or combined.

Combined with the keyword research, we also provide suggestions for new pages for services that may have been previously neglected, opening your site up to new realms that were previously out of reach.


Each month, we will provide your copywriting team with detailed briefs for new pages and blog topics to help you become an authority in your industry. Each brief will be backed by search data ensuring that it’s on trend, in-demand and on topic.

Don’t have a copywriter? Not a problem – we offer this service too should you require it.


If content is king, then links are the president – great content will eventually lead to some valuable backlinks, but what about in the short term? A link from a reputable website is a ‘nod’ to search engines to remind them that your website is authoritative and trustworthy.


We combine the forces of copywriting and PR to develop relationships with journalists and bloggers to merge content and campaigns together. NebDesign ensure that your guest-posts are always featured on relevant sites (and we don’t use PBN’s).


NebDesign can provide you with a complete internal and external link audit. This audit ensures all your pages are crawl-able through internal linking, toxic backlinks are identified and brand name mentions from other sites don’t go unlinked.


If your website fails to offer valuable resources to users, you won’t rank. Many companies will feature a Home, About Us and Contact page, combined with some e-commerce products, but how does this provide value to search engines? What questions does this approach answer?


We scour the web for the most asked questions in your niche and build detailed FAQ sections designed to answer these. Whether a site-wide FAQ or page specific, we try to ensure no question is left unanswered.

We also ensure SCHEMA markup is added to these FAQ’s to make sure your answers feature in the SERP’S.


Producing a series of guides is a great way of providing resource on your website. If you are an expert in your industry, you are in a powerful position and should be leveraging this by offering your knowledge via your website.

Guides will provide users with informational content and keep them coming back to your site for more.


Resource doesn’t have to be static. NebDesign know that some of the best methods of providing resource can come from engaging, interactive content.

Working with our development team, we can produce quizzes, horoscopes, interactive maps and much more to help capitalise on current events or audience behaviour.


Everyone loves an infographic – they are also a notoriously successful method of gaining visibility on the web. Our design team can create concise, beautiful infographics on a range of subjects relevant to your niche.


We’ve put together an FAQ covering some of the most common topics we get asked about on a weekly (and sometimes daily) basis.

Is SEO better than PPC?

There’s no clear answer to this question unfortunately. There are valid points for both and realistically, they are both extremely important for a website’s success.

With SEO, you are unable to target potential customers based on behaviour or demographics. With PPC, you are unable to establish domain authority or a complete online presence.

What is Link Equity?

When link building, the term “link equity” comes up a lot. Link equity refers to the amount of “juice” a link carries when it points to your website.

There are several factors that can determine link equity, including content relevancy, link placement (site header, inside body or footer) and website authority.

Does HTTPS have an effect on SEO?

In short, yes. HTTPS is the secured version of HTTP. Search engines favour secure websites and they also index secure pages first, most also see it as a ranking signal. So please ensure your website starts with an https://, not a http://!

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword Research helps to identify keywords that your website should be optimised for. Research allows you to identify any opportunities that your website may currently be missing out on.

Do Categories Make a Difference to SEO?

Yes! Categorising your pages and content makes it easier for search engines go understand what your site offers and what you are an expert on.

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